How to Drain an Air Compressor?

Air compressors have become a great useful tool for us. Whether it is work of household or filling paintball tank or an industrial work you will find air compressor everywhere. It is very useful when you have odd jobs in house or you can also use it for your business purposes. They will certainly do the job they are required for. There are many type of air compressors which are available in market. You can buy one of the best air compressor for home garage amazon in the market in best price.

You can buy it from shop or online whatever suits you.

Once taken, you should take care of it. If you don’t maintain them properly, then you could cause all different types of problems with the compressor, and it may even stop it from working correctly. Plus, you could also be putting your life and other people’s lives in danger.

Best of Machinery have put together everything you need to know about how to drain your air compressor and why you should drain it just below.

Why is it Important to Drain your Air Compressor?

Air compressor suck in air and pressurise it and then it is used for different tools. When air is pressurized, some amount of air gets converted into liquid. If you want to maintain your air compressor well then you should drain you air compressor on a regular basis. Whenever you use air compressor some amount of water was building in it and as you will use it the amount of water will mount up and can damage your air compressor. It can get into your air tank and can damage it also which can be bad as it can give you electric faults in your air compressor.

When amount of water increases in it, it will blow out air which will have water also which ultimately damage your work. This is because this could damage your tools as well, plus, the water will keep filling up in the tank.

How to drain It?

Draining of tank should be carried out twice or thrice a week or atleast once a weak otherwise your air compressor will not live longer and will get damaged soon. Here are some steps you should follow to drain your air compressor.

1. First, check the pressure gauge of your air compressor before doing anything.
2. Make sure there is some pressure in the tank before you do drain it.
3. Then turn the compressor off and open the drain tap. Make sure that compressor is off before doing further steps.

4. To find out where the drain tap is located you will need to look in the manual of the air compressor which is usually present inside of the box and it should give you all the information about it in there. Read manul carefully.
5. Once you have done this, you will start to feel the condensation and water blowing out.
6. Wait until the tank is completely empty.
7. When the tank is finally empty, you can then close the drain tap, by simply pushing it back up.
8. Your air compressor will then be fully drained, and you should do this at least once a week. One can also do it twice or thrice a week to get a good result.

Do you need to Drain it on a Regular Basis?

The answer is, yes. You should drain your air compressor on a regular basis. When you are using air compressor you are basically adding some water inside of your tank of air compressor. As the usage increase so increase the water. This will ultimately damage your tank and compressor also. It will affect your work as weel as your tools which is operating through air compressor.

This does not mean that you should dry it up every single time you use it. But, if you use air compressor daily then you should dry it up twice or thrice a week. Otherwise you will lose the efficiency of your air compressor and might damage your tools also.

How to keep Water out of the Air Compressor?

No one can stop the formation of water in air compressor tank. But, the amount of water forming can be reduced by many different methods. You can use a dryer to remove water from inside of your tank.
There are several different dryers available that you can actually buy; you can buy a refrigerated type of air dryer, which works like an normal air conditioner. The second type of air dryer that you can purchase is a desiccant one, which purifies the compressed air and then absorbs the moisture from it. The third type of dryer is a piping system, and this plumbs into your airlines to remove any moisture from the compressor.…

Swagtron’s popular $599 electric bicycle just got even better

Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of global warming and the loss which the environment is going through. Eco-friendly is the term which is trending all over the world. People are choosing eco-friendly goods. Now, electric bikes and scooters are trending all over the world. There are many countries which have accepted the electric bikes and scooters while many have put a ban on it due to some reasons of their own.

swagtron eb7 header

Swagtron is a popular electric bikes manufacturer. They are manufacturing different types of electric bikes and some of them have become very popular. Swagtron’s EB7 folding electric bike has been popular for a long time. It has been a great profit maker for the company and it has been people’s choice also. It’s the original price is 500 dollars, It is one of the best electric bikes you can find under £500. Its performance can give a tough fight to the electric bikes having twice its price. This is what makes it’s so popular among electric bikes and scooters lovers.

Now, the company has introduced its new version. The company is back with a number of new upgrades to the Swagtron EB7. This will help it to make it better than ever. Before that Swagtron had introduced its brand new full-size electric bicycles. Just after some weeks, they have launched the upgraded version of Swagtron EB7. But it has long been the brand’s folding e-bikes that have topped sales charts due to their low prices.

According to Swagtron’s CMO Jason Wakefield: “The EB7 is one of our best-selling folding e-bikes. But we knew it could be better. We listened to feedback from customers, and made small changes that will have a big impact on versatility and day-to-day performance.”

Upgraded added to the Swagtron EB7

Swagtron EB7 was a power-packed electric bike and became popular in no time among the people. Its performance was so good that it can give tough competition to the electric bikes having twice its cost. Now, we have got an upgraded version of it recently. This upgrade will add up to its already power-packed performance.

The name of the upgraded version of Swagtron EB7 is Swagtron EB7 plus. Its main upgrade is the new battery which is more powerful. It has got a 6.4 Ah battery. This upgrade bumped the total capacity upto 230 Wh. This is not as huge as an industry has got till now but still, it has a decent range in a small, lightweight, folded electric bikes. Its range has become now 20 mph or 32 km/hr.

There is no upgrade has been made in its motor and is still got 35 W hub motor. It’s top speed also remains the same as of the original one that is 18.6 mph or 30 km/hr. But the EB7 gets a new Shimano 7 speed drivetrain to replace the old single-speed setup. This will add up some weight as compared to the original one and will make it heavier.

But, it also has a positive impact as now it will be easy to pedal up hills and allows riders to add assist even at higher speeds. In the previous version people complaint about the seat position. It was not so comfortable for the taller persons. Keeping this in mind manufacturer has given it a new and longer seat post. This design is added just for the taller people so that it can make the ride of taller people more comfortable.

All this upgrade added to this new version makes it a bit more expensive than the older one. The cost of Swagtron EB7 plus is 699 dollars. It is available on the official website of Swagtron as well as on Amazon.

Features which kept as same as of the original one are built-in LED lights, disc brakes, 16-inch wheels, and rear suspension.

Overall, this is an impressive electric bike and probably the best in its price range. It will probably be better as compared to the original one. Its price may seem a bit higher but if one looks at its specifications then it will not seem so much. It should worth its price.…

How often should I change the water filter in my refrigerator?

Nowadays most refrigerators completely equipped with a water filter. These water filters are designed to remove any kind of impurity and bad taste from the water add by processing the water through a combination of carbon filtration and sedimentation process. The water filter in most of the refrigerators contains a black carbon block that is wrapped in a material such as polypropylene.

The water is allowed to flow through these filters mechanically and as the water flows the material removes any debris and suspended particles from the water. The remaining particles that can’t be separated by sedimentation just cling onto the surface of the carbon block

This process where the impure particles attach to the carbon block is known as adsorption. Unlike absorption where the particles get soaked into the surface, in adsorption, the particles just stick on to the surface instead of going in.

If you haven’t changed your water filter in the refrigerator in a while you should consider changing it as soon as possible. On an average for a family of four, a water filter can last about six to eight months and need to be replaced after that period.

If you don’t taste any difference in the water quality even after not replacing the water filter for a longer period of time it is because many of the contaminants are tasteless. It is always advised to change the water filters on a regular basis at least every six months if not earlier.

How does a refrigerator water filter work?

The refrigerator water filter makes the use of a carbon block wrapped inside out material such as polypropylene which absorbs any contaminants and removes the rest by the process of sedimentation. A good quality refrigerator water filter can remove harmful elements such as lead chlorine and other volatile organic compounds such as herbicides pesticides and insecticides.

Since the water supplied by your municipal corporation is chlorine-treated, water filtration also helps in improving the taste of the water which has been treated with chlorine prior to distribution. Chemicals such as chloramine that consists of the combination of chlorine and ammonia are used by municipalities to reduce the formation of harmful products such as trihalomethane.

Volatile organic compounds pollute water mostly by the means of air, paints, and preservatives. In certain cases, they can also enter the drinking water by means of industrial waste. Some of these volatile organic compounds are carcinogenic in nature that can cause liver, kidney and reproductive organ problems.

A refrigerator water filter helps to remove any of these chemical and reduce the number of contaminants present in the water It also helps to reduce the production of bacteria in water and also improve the taste of the water.

What happens if we don’t change your refrigerator water filters regularly?

During the filtration process, the water is separated from the contaminants by the means of carbon which is limited in capacity. And time passes and carbon continues to filter more and more water daily it also slowly wears off This directly means that the longer you wait to replace your filter the worse quality of water you will get.

Not changing the water filter on a regular basis can also lead to some other problems such as –

Clogging of the filters – it is the water filters separate the contaminants from the water they start to get packed with the dust and contaminants which slowly clogs them completely. This results in a complete stoppage in the flow of water.

● Bacterial growth – the contaminants collected by the carbon block start acting as a feeding ground for bacterias which can also get mixed with your drinking water polluting it.

● Carbon wears off – as the water continued to flow through the carbon block on a regular basis, all the available surface area of the carbon gets covered in contaminants and debris leaving no space for any new contaminants. This results in water flowing through the carbon block without getting filtered. This will either block the flow of water completely or will just deliver you contaminated water without filtration.

How often should you replace your water filter?

Typically any refrigerator water filter wars out off its effect within 6 months of regular usage for a family of 4 members. The longer you wait to replace the carbon filter after its expiry period the more harmful your water will become.

Nowadays most of the refrigerators come with the water filter indicator that shows the status of the water filter. These water filter indicators typically show a red light when the water filter needs to be replaced.

How to replace the water filter?

Water filters in refrigerators are pretty easy to replace. Though the process might differ for different models of the refrigerator by different manufacturer’s, but the general procedure remains the same. To replace the water filter of your refrigerator just follow the below-given steps to make your refrigrator the best refrigrator in India in aspects of water filter-

1. Turn off your refrigerator and pull out the plug. Shut off the water supply for the refrigerator.
2. Locate the water filter. If you don’t know the location of your refrigerator’s water filter you can refer to the manual provided with the refrigerator.
3. Once the water filter is located, turn it anti-clockwise until it gets detached from the container. Now just pull out the water filter rod.
4. Sometimes you may eid need to apply a lot of pressure while pulling the filter rod out from the container as it tends to get jammed because of the excessive dirt collected by it.
5. Now insert the new water filter rod and turn it clockwise to lock it in its place.
6. Now reset the water filter button. This step might differ for different refrigerators, refer your refrigerator’s manual for more information.
7. Once all the above steps are done run water through the new filter for 5 minutes to flush the filter of any unwanted subtances.…

Review of Samsung G Series RFG23DERS three door refrigerator

The time has gone when having a normal fridge in your kitchen was great deal for you. Its 2019 now, and today people are more interested in classy look for themselves as well as for their house. It’s always a dream to have a fridge freezer at your home which is AI equipped and can offer your more than just a normal refrigerator.

Samsung G Series RFG23DERS

For me, the most unpleasant time was that when I had to lean on the floor to take out something out of my refrigerator. Believe me it’s the worst thing to do after coming from your office. But this fridge freezer is so friendly to me that I do not have to even lean to take out my drinks or food out of my Samsung G series.

Features of Samsung G Series RFG23DERS

Storage Area for liquid products

Apart from all these, you also get an extra space near the closing door. This space is huge and you can put your liquid items like water, milk etc.

It looks great in the kitchen and you can find space for all your grocery items which can be kept in a refrigerator inside. It’s the perfect one and one of the best eye catching appliance for your kitchen.

Water dispenser and Ice cube maker

The water dispenser and ice cube maker makes this product a great one over the normal refrigerator.
There are shelves that can slide out which is perfect to keep large wine bottles for your cool mood.
Storage area for fruits and vegetables

You would find a plenty of storage space for fruits and vegetables. The two roomy areas for keeping fruits and vegetables and a designated pantry with CoolSelect, for providing constant cooling temperature according to the use.

The three different cooling zones are daily for daily used items, fresh for fruits and vegetables and chilled for keeping foods which needs to be kept in chilled temperature.

Space on demand

On demand space is that space which is generated for an “on demand” need of more space. Just with a single click all the four compartments of the fridge can be converted to a freezer providing you extra space for your foods.
Stylish design and convenience

• A top notch T-type configuration lets you advantageously use each corner and store a lot bigger things, as it’s a lot simpler to put in, sort out and discover things. Its cutting edge configuration additionally looks elegantly cool and chic.

• The Fresh Zone is keenly structured cabinet that gives the perfect condition to protecting meat and fish – keeping them at the ideal temperature so they remain new and have the most ideal flavor.

What is triple Cooling System and what does it do?

Triple cooling is a new technology by which you can hold fruits and vegetable inside your refrigerator for longer hours or even days by its automatic precise cooling system. This system adjusts and controls temperature inside the fridge by constantly and precisely handling the compressor operation.

A Triple Cooling System is a system which controls and optimises the temperature and humidity and prevents odour from getting intermixed in all three compartments.

Wrapping it Up:-

Just coming down to conclusion, I would just say that it is an amazing American fridge freezer to bring home. The AI and a lot of extra features makes a win-win situation over the normal refrigerators. Hope you find the review best for considering this amazing product from Samsung.…

How air cooler without water works ?

As summer is just about to come we are gearing yourself by cleaning and dusting our old fans and coolers. But the problem in wet cooler is that you have to pour the water again and again as it gets emptied. But there’s a shortcut to it, dry air cooler. It is also known as evaporative cooling.

Air cooler without water

An earlier sort of phase change cooling (the windcatcher), was first used in ancient Egypt and Persia thousands of years ago in the form of wind shafts on the roof. Modern Iranians have widely adopted powered evaporative coolers.

A cooling system may be a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from typical air-con systems, which use vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. Evaporative cooling uses the very fact that water can absorb a comparatively great deal of warmth so as to evaporate.

The temperature of dry air may be born considerably through the phase change of liquid water to water vapor. This can cool air mistreatment a lot of less energy than refrigeration. In very dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants.

Typically, residential and industrial state change coolers use direct evaporation and might be delineated as an inside metal or plastic box with ventilated sides. Air is moved by a centrifugal fan or blower and a water pump is used to wet the evaporative cooling pads.

The cooling units can be mounted on the roof or exterior walls or windows of buildings. To cool, the fan attracts close air through vents on the unit’s sides and through the damp pads. Heat within the air evaporates water from the pads that are perpetually re-dampened to continue the cooling method. Then cooled, dampish air is delivered into the building via a vent within the roof or wall.

Understanding phase transition cooling performance needs an understanding of psychrometrics. Evaporative cooling performance is variable due to changes in external temperature and humidity level. A residential cooler should be able to decrease the temperature of the air to within 3 to 4 °C (5 to 7 °F) of the wet bulb temperature.

The cooling potential for phase transition cooling depends on the wet-bulb depression. In arid climates, phase transition cooling will cut back energy consumption and total instrumentality for learning as an alternate to compressor-based cooling. In climates not thought of arid, indirect evaporative cooling can still take advantage of the evaporative cooling process without increasing humidity. Passive phase transition cooling ways offer identical advantages of mechanical phase transition cooling systems while not the quality of kit and ductwork.

Evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler annotated

Evaporative coolers lower the temperature of air using the principle of evaporative cooling, or absorption refrigerator. Evaporative cooling is the conversion of liquid water into vapor using the thermal energy in the air, resulting in lower air temperature. The energy required to evaporate the water is taken from the air within the sort of smart heat, which affects the temperature of the air, and converted into latent heat, the energy gift within the water vapor part of the air, whilst the air remains at a constant enthalpy value.

A simple example of natural phase transition cooling is perspiration, or sweat, secreted by the body, evaporation of which cools the body. The amount of heat transfer depends on the evaporation rate, however for each kilogram of water vaporized 2,257 kJ of energy is transferred. The evaporation rate depends on the temperature and humidness of the air, which is why sweat accumulates more on humid days, as it does not evaporate fast enough.

Vapor-compression refrigeration uses physical change cooling, however, the gaseous vapor is inside a sealed system and is then compressed able to evaporate once more, victimization energy to try to this. A simple phase transition cooler’s water is gaseous into the atmosphere, and not recovered. In an enclosed house cooling unit, the gaseous water is introduced into a house together with the now-cooled air; in a phase change tower, the gaseous water is carried off in airflow exhaust.

Before the arrival of refrigeration, evaporative cooling was used for millennia. A porous ceramic ware vessel would cool water by evaporation through its walls; frescoes from regarding 2500 BC show slaves fanning jars of water to cool down rooms. A vessel may even be placed in a very bowl of water, covered with a wet cloth dipping into the water, to keep milk or butter as fresh as possible.

Evaporative cooling is particularly well matched for climates wherever the air is hot and humidness is low. Evaporative air conditioning is also popular and well-suited to the southern part of Australia. In dry, arid climates, the installation and operating expense of cooling may be a lot of under that of refrigerative air-con, typically by eightieth roughly.…

Interview with Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere

Where Wear had the pleasure of meeting one of our blogger favesbook author and now clothing designerEmily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere.

I sat down with Emily at the Fashion Industry Gallery while she was in town for market and showcasing her Cupcakes and Cashmere Spring 2016 Collection. Check out Cupcakes & Cashmere Fall 2015 Collection sold at Nordstrom HERE.

WWITC: Have you ever been to Dallas?

Emily: This is my first time to Dallas, I have been to Austin a few times.

WWITC: How did you go from a blog to lifestyle website?

Emily: While I had a full-time position, I began writing my blog which was a passion project and eventually became a full-time project.

WWITC: We know you wrote your first book: Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease” and now have your 2nd book : “Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home“….tell us more about it. 

Emily: This book was about styling tips for your home (big or small), your college dorm, apartment. It offers tips and tricks on how to style and entertain.

WWITC: So your fave show is Friday Night Lights? 

Emily: Yes it is….

WWITC: We went to high school at Permian which the bookmovie and TV show are based on.

WWITC: Cupcakes and Cashmere has turned into a clothing line. What can we expect to see for Spring 2016?

Emily: My Cupcakes and Cashmere Spring 2016 line will include stripes, vests, capes…very versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched. You can go from the office to a night out with the girls in no time. Expect to colorful aesthetics with classic beauty.

WWITC: Where are you sold in Dallas? 

Emily: I am currently being sold at Nordstrom’s with several boutiques picking up my line for a spring launch. Stay tuned Dallas.

WWITC: How do you do it all? Wife, mother, author and entrepreneur?

Emily: It’s a balancing act and believe me not all perfect. I do my best to leave my work at work and when I come home my husband and daughter are my main focus!

WWITC: What’s been your biggest success?

Emily: Family and the response I have received from my clothing line.

WWITC: What’s next for you?

Emily: Continue to evolve and expand. I am in the works of a home and bedding line. Stay tuned!

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere

As we concluded the interview I let Emily know about City + Sky! We gifted her our LA rose gold pendant and hope to see it on her soon!

About Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG): FIG is a boutique wholesale venue that showcases the best in contemporary, bridge sportswear, and accessories. Founded in 2004, FIG has grown to house over 60 of the industry’s top contemporary showrooms, from Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas, as well as an additional 30,000 square feet of temporary space. FIG is where the BEST STORES come to find the HOTTEST PRODUCTS. FIG hosts five fashion markets, one specialty sale (FIG Finale) and multiple fashion events annually. Due to increased traffic and demand, FIG will relocate to the Dallas Design District in 2016.

About Cupcakes and Cashmere: Emily Schuman’s Cupcakes and Cashmere celebrates the little pleasures in life. Launched in 2008, the fashion, food, decor, and lifestyle site now boasts five million views per month. Emily is also a best-selling author with two titles to her credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining With Ease and Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home. Emily’s brand partnerships include Coach, Juicy Couture, and Estee Lauder, for which she was a guest blogger for two years.

In 2013, Emily collaborated with BB Dakota to create the Cupcakes and Cashmere Collection. Nordstrom and Shopbop were the first to feature the collection, which is hallmarked by feminine patterns and classic silhouettes. Her Spring 2016 collection was featured in Gallery 105 at FIG during the Spring 1 Market, where we witnessed large crowds of buyers anxiously buying up the brand!

Where Wear will we be next….

Cupcakes & Cashmere-ing,



Swedish beauty innovation brand FOREO, is best known for its groundbreaking LUNA™ skincare devices. The LUNA™ skincare brush channels T-Sonic™ pulsations for deep facial cleansing that’s gentle enough to use every day while also incorporating anti-aging technology. This sensual and experiential cleansing process allows for deeper penetration into the skin, maximizing absorption and efficacy.


FOREO, recently launched his skincare line consisting of:

The Day Cleanser, Awakening Radiance Yogurt, and Night Cleanser, Celestial Melting Gel, are made for women’s specific skincare needs at different times of the day; and the Cleanser for MEN, Daily Revitalizing Gel, addresses the precise necessities of men’s skin in order to revitalize, purify and nourish while promoting skin health.

FOREO also has an oral care portfolio consisting of the ISSA and ISSA Accessories.

All of these great lines make the perfect Christmas gift! Who wouldn’t want great teeth and skin!

Where Wear will we be next….