Swedish beauty innovation brand FOREO, is best known for its groundbreaking LUNA™ skincare devices. The LUNA™ skincare brush channels T-Sonic™ pulsations for deep facial cleansing that’s gentle enough to use every day while also incorporating anti-aging technology. This sensual and experiential cleansing process allows for deeper penetration into the skin, maximizing absorption and efficacy.


FOREO, recently launched his skincare line consisting of:

The Day Cleanser, Awakening Radiance Yogurt, and Night Cleanser, Celestial Melting Gel, are made for women’s specific skincare needs at different times of the day; and the Cleanser for MEN, Daily Revitalizing Gel, addresses the precise necessities of men’s skin in order to revitalize, purify and nourish while promoting skin health.

FOREO also has an oral care portfolio consisting of the ISSA and ISSA Accessories.

All of these great lines make the perfect Christmas gift! Who wouldn’t want great teeth and skin!

Where Wear will we be next….



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