How to Drain an Air Compressor?

Air compressors have become a great useful tool for us. Whether it is work of household or filling paintball tank or an industrial work you will find air compressor everywhere. It is very useful when you have odd jobs in house or you can also use it for your business purposes. They will certainly do the job they are required for. There are many type of air compressors which are available in market. You can buy one of the best air compressor for home garage amazon in the market in best price.

You can buy it from shop or online whatever suits you.

Once taken, you should take care of it. If you don’t maintain them properly, then you could cause all different types of problems with the compressor, and it may even stop it from working correctly. Plus, you could also be putting your life and other people’s lives in danger.

Best of Machinery have put together everything you need to know about how to drain your air compressor and why you should drain it just below.

Why is it Important to Drain your Air Compressor?

Air compressor suck in air and pressurise it and then it is used for different tools. When air is pressurized, some amount of air gets converted into liquid. If you want to maintain your air compressor well then you should drain you air compressor on a regular basis. Whenever you use air compressor some amount of water was building in it and as you will use it the amount of water will mount up and can damage your air compressor. It can get into your air tank and can damage it also which can be bad as it can give you electric faults in your air compressor.

When amount of water increases in it, it will blow out air which will have water also which ultimately damage your work. This is because this could damage your tools as well, plus, the water will keep filling up in the tank.

How to drain It?

Draining of tank should be carried out twice or thrice a week or atleast once a weak otherwise your air compressor will not live longer and will get damaged soon. Here are some steps you should follow to drain your air compressor.

1. First, check the pressure gauge of your air compressor before doing anything.
2. Make sure there is some pressure in the tank before you do drain it.
3. Then turn the compressor off and open the drain tap. Make sure that compressor is off before doing further steps.

4. To find out where the drain tap is located you will need to look in the manual of the air compressor which is usually present inside of the box and it should give you all the information about it in there. Read manul carefully.
5. Once you have done this, you will start to feel the condensation and water blowing out.
6. Wait until the tank is completely empty.
7. When the tank is finally empty, you can then close the drain tap, by simply pushing it back up.
8. Your air compressor will then be fully drained, and you should do this at least once a week. One can also do it twice or thrice a week to get a good result.

Do you need to Drain it on a Regular Basis?

The answer is, yes. You should drain your air compressor on a regular basis. When you are using air compressor you are basically adding some water inside of your tank of air compressor. As the usage increase so increase the water. This will ultimately damage your tank and compressor also. It will affect your work as weel as your tools which is operating through air compressor.

This does not mean that you should dry it up every single time you use it. But, if you use air compressor daily then you should dry it up twice or thrice a week. Otherwise you will lose the efficiency of your air compressor and might damage your tools also.

How to keep Water out of the Air Compressor?

No one can stop the formation of water in air compressor tank. But, the amount of water forming can be reduced by many different methods. You can use a dryer to remove water from inside of your tank.
There are several different dryers available that you can actually buy; you can buy a refrigerated type of air dryer, which works like an normal air conditioner. The second type of air dryer that you can purchase is a desiccant one, which purifies the compressed air and then absorbs the moisture from it. The third type of dryer is a piping system, and this plumbs into your airlines to remove any moisture from the compressor.

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