Review of Samsung G Series RFG23DERS three door refrigerator

The time has gone when having a normal fridge in your kitchen was great deal for you. Its 2019 now, and today people are more interested in classy look for themselves as well as for their house. It’s always a dream to have a fridge freezer at your home which is AI equipped and can offer your more than just a normal refrigerator.

Samsung G Series RFG23DERS

For me, the most unpleasant time was that when I had to lean on the floor to take out something out of my refrigerator. Believe me it’s the worst thing to do after coming from your office. But this fridge freezer is so friendly to me that I do not have to even lean to take out my drinks or food out of my Samsung G series.

Features of Samsung G Series RFG23DERS

Storage Area for liquid products

Apart from all these, you also get an extra space near the closing door. This space is huge and you can put your liquid items like water, milk etc.

It looks great in the kitchen and you can find space for all your grocery items which can be kept in a refrigerator inside. It’s the perfect one and one of the best eye catching appliance for your kitchen.

Water dispenser and Ice cube maker

The water dispenser and ice cube maker makes this product a great one over the normal refrigerator.
There are shelves that can slide out which is perfect to keep large wine bottles for your cool mood.
Storage area for fruits and vegetables

You would find a plenty of storage space for fruits and vegetables. The two roomy areas for keeping fruits and vegetables and a designated pantry with CoolSelect, for providing constant cooling temperature according to the use.

The three different cooling zones are daily for daily used items, fresh for fruits and vegetables and chilled for keeping foods which needs to be kept in chilled temperature.

Space on demand

On demand space is that space which is generated for an “on demand” need of more space. Just with a single click all the four compartments of the fridge can be converted to a freezer providing you extra space for your foods.
Stylish design and convenience

• A top notch T-type configuration lets you advantageously use each corner and store a lot bigger things, as it’s a lot simpler to put in, sort out and discover things. Its cutting edge configuration additionally looks elegantly cool and chic.

• The Fresh Zone is keenly structured cabinet that gives the perfect condition to protecting meat and fish – keeping them at the ideal temperature so they remain new and have the most ideal flavor.

What is triple Cooling System and what does it do?

Triple cooling is a new technology by which you can hold fruits and vegetable inside your refrigerator for longer hours or even days by its automatic precise cooling system. This system adjusts and controls temperature inside the fridge by constantly and precisely handling the compressor operation.

A Triple Cooling System is a system which controls and optimises the temperature and humidity and prevents odour from getting intermixed in all three compartments.

Wrapping it Up:-

Just coming down to conclusion, I would just say that it is an amazing American fridge freezer to bring home. The AI and a lot of extra features makes a win-win situation over the normal refrigerators. Hope you find the review best for considering this amazing product from Samsung.

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